What are TraCRs?

TraCRs, or Transferable Custody Receipts, are securities exclusively quoted on Chi-X, the innovative securities and derivatives exchange that delivers local and global opportunities for Australian investors. TraCRs give Australian investors access to the benefits of owning US shares in some of the world’s biggest brands.

Easy to access

TraCRs are quoted and traded exclusively on Chi-X’s market. To find out how easy it is to invest in TraCRs, speak to your broker or adviser.

Traded in Australian dollars

TraCRs are traded in AUD, with dividends paid in AUD, making them easy to manage within your investment portfolio.

Best of both worlds

As a TraCR holder you have a beneficial interest in the underlying US share (and the right, subject to the terms of issue, to convert your TraCR holding into that share). You also hold an Australian security which is traded, cleared and settled in Australian dollars (AUD), under Australian regulation, during Australian trading hours.

Today’s TraCRs Activity

How do I buy TraCRs?

You buy a TraCR the same way you buy other Australian securities. The TraCR Investor Fact Sheet outlines some key features and risks for investors. Talk to your adviser or broker about how to invest, or contact one of the brokers listed below.

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Announcements by TraCR Issuer

Date Tracr Issuer Announcement PP Link
2021-05-14 09:59:00 TCXNKE TCX Nike TraCRs -Preliminary Dividend Announcement - 1
2021-05-14 09:38:00 TCXGIL TCX Gilead Sciences TraCRs -Preliminary Dividend Announcement 1
2021-05-13 09:40:00 TCXMMM TCX 3M TraCRs -Preliminary Dividend Announcement 1
2021-05-13 09:29:00 TCXLMT TCX Lockheed Martin TraCRs -Preliminary Dividend Announcement - 1
2021-05-12 09:56:00 TCXPFE TCX Pfizer TraCRs - Cash Distribution from the sale of the Viatris Inc Spin-off shares (Updated Final An 1
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This link takes you to the TraCR Product Disclosure Statement, which provides information about TraCRs and is provided by the TraCR Issuer. Information about specific TraCRs on issue may be found above in the section titled “Announcements by TraCR Issuer”

The TraCR Investor Fact Sheet outlines some key features and risks for investors.

You can also find out more about TraCRs from the link below.

These links take you to the forms, provided by Link Market Services, that must be completed to apply for the issue or cancellation of TraCRs