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30 Jun 2020

Chi-X adds Zoom, Walmart and Mastercard TraCRs

30 Jun 2020

Nine Mile Financial partners with Chi-X Australia to enhance trading efficiency

29 Jun 2020

Chi-X admits new participant

28 Jun 2020

Chi-X, a competitor to the Australian Securities Exchange, has experienced record trading volumes in recent months, driven in part by “incredibly high” retail participation and new investors in the market.

25 Jun 2020

Stock exchange Chi-X has added five new US listed companies through its investment vehicle TraCRs

14 May 2020

ASIC revokes trade cap and sets expectations for maintaining equity market resilience

14 May 2020

Australia’s regulator lifts trading restrictions for big brokers

27 Apr 2020

Praemium adds Chi-X products

22 Apr 2020

Powerwrap adds Chi-X TraCRs and Funds to HNW platform

21 Apr 2020

Powerwrap adds Chi-X funds

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