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Media Coverage




23 Mar 2020

The role of alternative exchanges: A Q&A with the CEO of Chi-X

18 Mar 2020

Chi-X continues TraCR roll out

17 Mar 2020

Chi-X Australia makes Alphabet, Costco and PepsiCo available to Australian investors via TraCRs

20 Feb 2020

Chi-X adds blue-chip giants

31 Jan 2020

TraCRs improve Australian investors’ direct access to US stocks

Media Releases




17 Mar 2020

Chi-X Australia responds to US mega cap demand with 10 new TraCRs

16 Mar 2020

Chi-X Supports ASIC Steps on Equity Market Resiliency

19 Feb 2020

Chi-X adds five US stocks to a growing suite of TraCRs

09 Dec 2019

Chi-X Funds gain strong momentum, more to come in 2020

12 Nov 2019

Chi-X Australia expands Funds offering with eInvest Cash Booster Fund

Regulatory Submissions




02 May 2019

Chi-X Australia Submission on the Treasury Consultation: Capping Claims on the National Guarantee Fund

26 Apr 2019

Chi-X Australia Submission on the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement: ASIC Industry Funding Model (2018-19)

28 Feb 2019

Chi-X Submission on the Regulation Concerning the Transition to NGF Compensation

31 Jan 2019

Chi-X Submission on ASIC CP 306: the Markets Disciplinary Panel

03 Aug 2018

Chi-X Australia – Submission on ASIC CP 301 on Foreign Financial Service Providers