The Fund aims to provide Unitholders with income and capital returns from investing in a diverse portfolio of listed equity assets. The Investment Manager believes that the low interest rate environment combined with the increasing growth of passive investing is creating a once-in- a-generation cycle in true active value investing.


The Fund is positioned to capitalise on the lack of truly active, aligned and independent equity investing within Australia and New Zealand.


• Proven, experienced management team with an average of more than 20 years’ experience in deriving value from mispriced or undervalued assets;


• Where appropriate the manager will actively engage with the investments of the fund, seeking to improve long term value of the investments.


• No base management fee. Aligned fee structure with no base Management Fee charged by the Investment Manager.


• Exposure to growing businesses through a pool of listed equity assets;


• Ability to access the fund at NTA, and redeem or purchase units on market at any time via CHI-X

Closing Price Chart
360 Capital Active Value Equity Fund (Managed Fund)(TAVF)

Fund Announcements

Date Time Issuer Announcement PP Link
24 Mar 202109:03 AM 09:03 AM TAV 360 Capital AVF NAV and units on issue 1
24 Mar 202109:02 AM 09:02 AM TAV 360 Capital AVF Product Disclosure Statement 41
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TAVF Overview Video

Watch Dennison Hambling, Head of Public & Private Equity discuss the 360 Capital Active Value Equity Fund (Managed Fund) in this video.


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