ECAS aims to provide investors with income higher than generally available through cash products. ECAS aims to provide investors a high level of capital stability over the short term, by investing in a diversified portfolio of cash and short term money market and fixed income securities, and to provide a total return (after fees) that exceeds the RBA Cash Rate measured annually.

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eInvest Cash Booster Fund (Managed Fund)(ECAS)

Fund Announcements

Date Time Issuer Announcement PP Link
11 May 202103:41 PM 03:41 PM ECA ECAS Final Distribution Announcement 2
04 May 202112:08 PM 12:08 PM ECA ECAS Estimated Monthly Distribution Announcement 2
03 May 202112:34 PM 12:34 PM ECA ECAS Units on issue: April 2021 1
14 Apr 202111:20 AM 11:20 AM ECA ECAS Investor Report March 2021 2
12 Apr 202102:45 PM 02:45 PM ECA ECAS Final Distribution Announcement 2
01 Apr 202103:54 PM 03:54 PM ECA ECAS Monthly Units Release 1
01 Apr 202103:13 PM 03:13 PM ECA ECAS Estimated Distribution Announcement 2
11 Mar 202104:03 PM 04:03 PM ECA ECAS Final Distribution Notification 2
09 Mar 202102:53 PM 02:53 PM ECA ECAS Investor Report - February 2021 1
03 Mar 202103:38 PM 03:38 PM ECA ECAS Quarterly Portfolio Holdings Disclosure 2
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