What are Funds?


The Chi-X Funds market includes both Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Quoted Managed Funds (QMFs). ETFs are passively managed funds that track a particular index whereas QMFs are funds that are rules based, actively managed or hold only single assets.


What do Chi-X Funds Offer? 


  • Trade, clear and settle in the same way as shares;
  • Invest in or give exposure to underlying assets and the value of the fund depends on the investment performance of those underlying assets; and,
  • Have underlying assets which have robust & transparent price discovery mechanisms available, including equity, fixed income, currency and commodities.

Chi-X Funds (ETFs and QMFs) trade exclusively on the Chi-X Market.


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Chi-X Funds

Fund Issuers

Fund Announcements

Date Time Issuer Announcement PP Link
12 Nov 201911:39 AM 11:39 AM ECA ECAS - Net Asset Value per Unit - 12 November 2019 1
12 Nov 201909:41 AM 09:41 AM ECA eInvest Cash Booster Fund (Managed Fund) PDS 32
12 Nov 201909:32 AM 09:32 AM ECA Admission of the eInvest Cash Booster Fund (Managed Fund) (code: ECAS) to Quotation Status 1
04 Nov 201904:34 PM 04:34 PM XKA Monthly redemptions units on issue and OTC Exposure notification 1
14 Oct 201905:18 PM 05:18 PM XKA Admission of the ActiveX Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund(Managed Fund) 1
14 Oct 201904:25 PM 04:25 PM XKA ActiveX Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund (Managed Fund) PDS 36
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